Warts Info
Above all, wart treatments require patience. Since there are so many different types of treatments, how effective is another matter. Warts can appear and disappear without any identified cause and often disappear on their own without treatment. Some warts grow daughters near the central warts and others do not. Warts are generally harmless unless they are in areas prone to pressure or friction, such as the palms and soles. Some warts, even of the same type respond to treatment, while others (even in the same person at the same time) or not. All treatment methods often require multiple sessions over weeks, months or even longer to achieve.

Here is a practical approach for the treatment of warts:

If you can ignore your warts, do so. Eventually, it will go away (although ultimately can mean a long time - even months or years).

If you have a simple case (a single wart on the face or one or a few hands), see a doctor for a quick freeze or electrical zap. These methods are simple, if somewhat painful, and generally nonscarring.

If you have a difficult case, you start by treating the wart for a few weeks on your own. Examples:

Plantar Warts: Warts on the bottom of the foot is deeply, but is still within the surface layer of skin. Salicylic acid drops and plasters help remove the thick overlying callus and make the wart feel less like a marble in your shoe. Nonprescription freezing aerosol may be used as well.

Common warts hand: These are typically attractive, and is not painful. Salicylic acid can make them smaller and go away in some cases, as can freeze nonprescription.

If you have an all-but-impossible case, do not try too hard. You do not want to make the treatment worse than the disease. Examples:

Warts under and around the nails: These are highly resistant to treatment. One or two tries from the doctor is worth a shot, but if they fail, putting acid on yourself makes them look a little rough and unattractive.

"Mosaic" warts: Tiny, called "warts seed" may be multiplied by tens or hundreds around the foot. Usually, it does not hurt and rarely respond to any type of treatment, although in this case, too, one or two attempts at treatment may be in order.

Flat warts: These are small, flat, flesh-colored pimples and can be numerous in one part of the body (for example, face, arms, or groin). Getting rid of them with a light application of salicylic acid or other method is pretty easy, but they tend to recur.

You can learn more about HPV the virus that causes warts at foot-disorders.com or at http://plantarwarts15.jimdo.com